New York City

I am really sorry that i haven’t been posting anything lately i’m busier   in the summer than I am  during the school year! Dancing pretty much takes up my summer but, my dance company has been offered to go on a trip to New York City! But, I have to earn the money for my ticket 😦 .

This is my dancing picture of 2013. Back to New York how I want you guys to help me is to lay out all your used stuff or the things you don’t want so I can come around and collect them every Wednesday and Friday from  4:00-5:30. I will then sell the stuff that you have given me to sell on eBay. I want to improve on my dancing and one way I can do that is taking the classes in New York with some of the girls on my dance team. The New York trip offers a lot but its for a lot of money so please set out some stuff for me!


Top 10 Types of Candy bars

Hey everybody here is my top ten candy bar list. I hope you like it please vote at the bottom if you disagree! Thank you!

10. Hershey’s

Hershey’s candy bar is plain milk chocolate. But, for some reason it is very likable….

9. Milky Way

The Milky Way candy bar is milk chocolate with chocolate nougat and caramel. It is DELICIOUS

8. Almond Joy

The Almond Joy chocolate is sooooooo good! It is made up of coconut and a almond on top.

7. Twix

The Twix candy bar is delicious! It has a wafer and caramel covered in chocolate!

6. Snickers

Snickers are awesome! They have nougat, peanuts, caramel, and a chocolate coating!

5. Kit Kat

Kit Kats are just wafers covered in chocolate, who knew they would be so good?

4. Musketeers 

Again, musketeers is just nougat covered in chocolate who knew?

3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Here’s another! Just peanut butter covered in chocolate. But its sooooooo yummy!

2. Butter Finger

You might think i’m kidding but, its made of hardened orange peanut butter covered in chocolate!

1. Heath/Skor

Heath and Skor are both chocolate covered hard toffee. Some of the best things are just so simple!

The Lillico Family Quiz – Which Family Member are You?

Today we found a website where you can make your own quiz. We did and it’s on what Lillico family member are you. Unfortunately, we could not transfer it to my website. But, here is the link to it where you can take it!

What Member of the Lillico Family are you?

Please share what you got I would love to know how many Rory’s there are out there (hopefully you don’t get Buddy!).

Top 5 Cool Animals

This is my top 5 cool animals list. Please, please, please, vote at the bottom if you disagree. Or leave a reply and tell me what top 10 or 5 list I should do next!

5. Cheetah

The cheetah is one of the fastest runners on earth! They can run up to 70 mph! I think that this animal is cool because of how fast it runs and its amazing body print!

4. Basilisk

The basilisk lizard is a lizard who can walk on water! It can walk on water because of its big feet and light weight. This is  the male lizard I can tell because of the crests on his head and body.

3. Peregrine Falcon

The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on earth! It doesn’t look like much but it normally flies 200 mph! The fastest record ever recorded of a peregrine falcon flying is 242 mph!

2. Okapi

The Okapi is part zebra, horse, and giraffe! It looks really cool and interesting. They have a oily velvety coat that repels water! The okapi has a black and blue tongue that con reach its eyeballs to keep the moist!

1. Gelada Monkey

The gelada monkey is awesome. It usually is about 20-30 inches tall and weighs between 24-41 pounds. The gelada monkey also has a mane (like a lion) around its head. When the gelada monkey gets mad it does the ” lip flip” and opens flaps of fur and shows bright red skin it looks really creepy! But they do stick together as a family or group!

Top Ten Colors!

Hey everybody this is my top ten colors list. Disagree? Vote at the poll in the bottom! Thank you!

 10. Black

I put black on here because black goes with EVERYTHING! I mean like think about it, it goes with literally everything!

9.  Yellow

Yellow! Yellow! Yellow! I love the color yellow! Yellow is everywhere! Yellow is such a bright and pretty color, don’t you think?

8. Bright Blue

I think bright blue is a fantastic color! The reason why I put this on is because it looks good on stuff. Like purses, or dresses, or bedspreads, or even flowers!

7. Bright Orange

Bright orange is not a very common color. That’s why I like it! But, I’ve learned that it is very common for prom dresses…..

6. Neon Green

Neon green is a color you could see a mile away! It’s very bright and outstanding! That’s exactly why I love it!

5. Red

Red! I LOVE this kind of red! I’ts such a pretty color to wear, to see, or even to make! What could we do without red, it’s the first color of the rainbow!

4. Silver

Silver is a very pretty color. I don’t like sparkly silver though, only because sparkly silver is not silver it’s sparkles! When you add sparkles and silver it just becomes sparkles.

3. Bright Purple

Bright Purple is a phenomenal color! It’s just amazing how pretty it can look. Have you ever seen it in a sunset? Well, let me tell you it’s AMAZING!

2. Hot Pink

 Hot Pink Roses

Hot pink is an awesome color. You might think I am a little girly for liking it but, there are no girl or boy colors! Did you know that? Lots of boys like the colors pink and purple and lots of girls like the colors black and brown!


Rainbow! The truth is love all colors in the rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. (You can remember it my Roy G Biv)

Top 5 Favorite Types of Desserts

This is my 4th post and it is on my Top 5 favorite types of desserts. If you disagree please vote in the poll at the bottom. 🙂

5. Ice cream

I love ice cream! Ice cream is a cold dessert made up mostly of cream, and/or milk, and sugar. It’s very good and is helpful with sore throats. MY favorite type of ice cream is the toasted marshmallow ice cream at Fars!

4. Oreo Cheesecake

Oreo cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts. The way I’ve had is with cream cheese frosting, full oreos top,and crushed oreos in the middle of the cheescake. It is delicious!

3. Raspberry Pie

Raspberry pie is SOOOO delicious if you make it the right way. The way I have had it is  the crust being filled with fresh raspberries and raspberry sauce with whipped cream on top! It tastes even better with vanilla ice cream on top!

2. Creme Brulee

Creme brulee is a dessert made mostly up off eggs, sugar, vanilla, and cream. Creme brulee is the kind of thing that melts in you mouth! It is soooooo tasty! If you haven’t tried it, you should!

1. Lady Finger Trifle

Lady Finger Trifles are my favorite dessert. There are different versions of  it but the way I’ve had it is the best! Lady Finger Trifles is pretty much a pudding that you dip lady fingers in. There are different layers in it there’s strawberries, custard, and whipped creamed. It continues in a pattern as high as you want it to go. When you add the lady fingers, it taste like heaven!



Top Ten Animated Movies

10. Up Up tells the story of an old man and a young boy that go on an adventure. Along the way they meet new friends and people!  I think Up is a great movie because it has three important things a movie should have. Adventure, humor, and friendship.

9. Toy Story 3 Toy Story 3 is and awesome movie about toys. In this movie the toys are alive. When Andy (The boy who plays with them) comes into the room they act as stiff as ever. Unfortunately, Andy goes away to college and the toys go to a Day Care.  I think this is a great movie because it makes children believe that the toys can come to life. Other than that, it’s just plain funny!

8. Monsters University Monsters University is a movie about monsters. In this movie the main monsters (Sully and Mike) are in a scaring class. Of course, both Mike and Sully think they are the best at scaring. So when they get into a competition with other teams they end up on the same team. Monsters University is HILARIOUS!! I love this movie and the characters in it!

7. Tangled Tangled is basically another (better) version of the movie Rapunzel. In this movie there is a lost princess (Rapunzel), a wanted thief (Flynn Rider), a wicked mother (Gothel) a lizard (Pascal) and a horse (Maximus). All of theses characters go on an adventure to see lanterns on Rapunzel’s 18th birthday. Tangled is a great movie, my favorite part about it is when they are at the restaurant (The Snugly Duckling) and Rapunzel sings “I’ve Got a Dream”.

6. Finding Nemo The movie Finding Nemo is about a little clown fish that gets taken away to a dentist office. His dad (Marlin) goes on an adventure to find him. Marlin meets Dory a Regal Blue Tang and she insists helping him find Nemo. Finding Nemo is a great movie for all ages. I guarantee you will like it if you watch it!

5. The Lion King The Lion King movie is a great movie to watch. It has so many fun, funny, and interesting characters and scenes. This movie is about a lion cub (Simba) and his dad the lion king (Mufasa). When Mufasa dies Simba runs away and is raised by a meerkat and a warthog name Timon and Pumba. This is a great family movie to watch it will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will make you want to get up and dance!

4. Brave The movie Brave takes place in Scotland. The princess Merida wants to change her fate. So when she finds these creatures called wisps she follows them and it leads her to her “fate”. I think brave is a fantastic movie with lots of adventure and humor. There is one thing I absolutely love about this movie and that’s the three little brothers. (It kinda reminds me of my own accept one plays on the computer to much). ; )

3. Free Birds The movie Free Birds is about Turkeys who travel back in the future. You might wonder why they would want to do this. They did this to get turkeys off the menu by traveling back in time to the first Thanksgiving. Along the way they meet hundreds of more turkeys. I think you should definitely watch this movie because there is three settings Reggie ( the main turkey) goes through. He starts out at a farm, then the presidents house and then in the past!

2. The Croods  The Croods movie is about a family of 6 trying to get away to a place called “Tomorrow”. Why? Because there is going to be a major earthquake at there home and “Tomorrow” is the only safe place. Here are the main characters names: Eep, Thunk, Sandy, Grug, Ugga, Gran, and Guy. I know they have weird names but that’s only because they are caveman. The Croods is and awesome movie that you should watch. It has such beautiful scenery and so much laughter!

1. Frozen Frozen is totally by FAR my favorite movie. I’ve probably seen about 20 times! Literally! Frozen is about a queen named Elsa and a princess name Anna. Elsa has magical powers that freeze everything. When Elsa runs away Anna goes on an adventure to find  and convince her to come back to Erindale. Frozen is my favorite movie because it has all the things I love! It has humor, friendship, adventure, romance, singing, and a great ending. I think frozen is the best animated movie of all times!