Top 5 Cool Animals

This is my top 5 cool animals list. Please, please, please, vote at the bottom if you disagree. Or leave a reply and tell me what top 10 or 5 list I should do next!

5. Cheetah

The cheetah is one of the fastest runners on earth! They can run up to 70 mph! I think that this animal is cool because of how fast it runs and its amazing body print!

4. Basilisk

The basilisk lizard is a lizard who can walk on water! It can walk on water because of its big feet and light weight. This is  the male lizard I can tell because of the crests on his head and body.

3. Peregrine Falcon

The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on earth! It doesn’t look like much but it normally flies 200 mph! The fastest record ever recorded of a peregrine falcon flying is 242 mph!

2. Okapi

The Okapi is part zebra, horse, and giraffe! It looks really cool and interesting. They have a oily velvety coat that repels water! The okapi has a black and blue tongue that con reach its eyeballs to keep the moist!

1. Gelada Monkey

The gelada monkey is awesome. It usually is about 20-30 inches tall and weighs between 24-41 pounds. The gelada monkey also has a mane (like a lion) around its head. When the gelada monkey gets mad it does the ” lip flip” and opens flaps of fur and shows bright red skin it looks really creepy! But they do stick together as a family or group!


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