Top Ten Colors!

Hey everybody this is my top ten colors list. Disagree? Vote at the poll in the bottom! Thank you!

 10. Black

I put black on here because black goes with EVERYTHING! I mean like think about it, it goes with literally everything!

9.  Yellow

Yellow! Yellow! Yellow! I love the color yellow! Yellow is everywhere! Yellow is such a bright and pretty color, don’t you think?

8. Bright Blue

I think bright blue is a fantastic color! The reason why I put this on is because it looks good on stuff. Like purses, or dresses, or bedspreads, or even flowers!

7. Bright Orange

Bright orange is not a very common color. That’s why I like it! But, I’ve learned that it is very common for prom dresses…..

6. Neon Green

Neon green is a color you could see a mile away! It’s very bright and outstanding! That’s exactly why I love it!

5. Red

Red! I LOVE this kind of red! I’ts such a pretty color to wear, to see, or even to make! What could we do without red, it’s the first color of the rainbow!

4. Silver

Silver is a very pretty color. I don’t like sparkly silver though, only because sparkly silver is not silver it’s sparkles! When you add sparkles and silver it just becomes sparkles.

3. Bright Purple

Bright Purple is a phenomenal color! It’s just amazing how pretty it can look. Have you ever seen it in a sunset? Well, let me tell you it’s AMAZING!

2. Hot Pink

 Hot Pink Roses

Hot pink is an awesome color. You might think I am a little girly for liking it but, there are no girl or boy colors! Did you know that? Lots of boys like the colors pink and purple and lots of girls like the colors black and brown!


Rainbow! The truth is love all colors in the rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. (You can remember it my Roy G Biv)


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