Top Five Frozen Characters

Here is my list of Top Five Frozen Characters. If you disagree feel free to vote in the poll at the bottom!

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5. Sven

In the movie Frozen, Sven is a reindeer that will make you laugh! He has an AWESOME personality and is obsessed with carrots. Sven is awesome because of his liking of carrots. My favorite part with him is when he sucks the carrot off of Olaf and then shoots it back on him.

4. Christoph 

Christoph is best friends with Sven. They have been with each other since they were little. Christoph works with Sven, the sell ICE for a living! I think Christoph is very cool because of the friendship between Sven and him. My favorite part with him in it is when he sings his duet with Sven.

3. Anna

Anna is the little sister of Elsa. She is very brave and never quits. She is very funny and is desperate to find her true love. I like Anna because of her loyalty. My favorite part with her is when she is riding on the sled with Christoph and says “I like to go fast.” as she puts her feet on the sled.

2. Elsa

Elsa was blessed and cursed with freezing powers. She is the older sister of Anna and the creator of Olaf. I think Elsa is cool because of her powers. My favorite part with her is when she creates the ice castle. It’s epic!

1. Olaf

Olaf is a snowman that was created by Elsa. He is always smiling and will make you laugh out loud! I love Olaf because he so funny! My favorite part of the movie with him is when his nose is pushed back and he says “It’s like a baby unicorn!”.


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