Monthly Archives: June 2014

New York City

I am really sorry that i haven’t been posting anything lately i’m busier   in the summer than I am  during the school year! Dancing pretty much takes up my summer but, my dance company has been offered to go on a trip to New York City! But, I have to earn the money for my ticket 😦 .

This is my dancing picture of 2013. Back to New York how I want you guys to help me is to lay out all your used stuff or the things you don’t want so I can come around and collect them every Wednesday and Friday from  4:00-5:30. I will then sell the stuff that you have given me to sell on eBay. I want to improve on my dancing and one way I can do that is taking the classes in New York with some of the girls on my dance team. The New York trip offers a lot but its for a lot of money so please set out some stuff for me!